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Hello 👋 I'm Aman a final year student in Mech. Engineering at IIT Jodhpur. I am pursuing Minor in Entrepreneurship along with my Bachelor's degree. I am very passionate about software engineering especially due to the ability to solve modern world's problems with it.
I enjoy meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. Reach out to talk about work, emerging technologies or random stuff ☕.
Living, learning, & leveling up one day at a time.
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Staique is a simple express server which servers files. Unlike cloud spaces like Google Drive, iCloud file sharing is pretty simple here where we just need to share the url (Though File Access can be limited easily too.)
Gaba is a GoLang Server which uploads pictures to s3 space and stores user data in Postgres DB. It handles more than 100 req./sec on average.
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React Chrome Extension
A Starter Guide to create chrome extension using ReactJS for beginners.
IITJ Firewall Login
Chrome Extension to Bypass Logging In every time in IITJ Firewall.

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